Adjustable glass railing for terrace and outdoor dining

We and large parts of the Swedish population love to sit on an attractive outdoor terrace on a hot summer day. Drink a cup of coffee and discuss trifles. But unfortunately, sometimes the weather gods do not seem to share this interest, cold winds and mild weather to say the least shorten the season too much. With our lifting and lowering window, you invest in a better location and extend the season.

Café au Lä is available in five standard heights. The different sections are constructed in the same way with two panes of glass enclosed in an aluminum frame. The lower pane is fixed to the frame, while the upper one runs freely in a groove along the side posts, so that the guest can easily raise and lower the pane to the desired height.

Choosing to incorporate your outdoor dining area with Café au Lä not only means that you and your guests will have a more comfortable and enjoyable environment. Café au Lä also offers you several new storefronts that you can use in different ways to attract more guests.

Technical facts

Cafe au Lä is made of aluminum and laminated safety glass (like a car window) and we always manufacture according to customer requirements. There are five different heights in sections up to 2200 mm.
Naturally anodized aluminum is standard, but you can choose powder coating in any standard RAL color. Opal foil, decorative foil or smoked glass are available as an optional privacy screen in the fixed section.
Cafe au Lä is available in expandable parts; from fixed railing to height adjustable glazing, with a fixed skylight attached to the upper part of the balcony or SPLIT, as we call our most common full glazing in restaurants.

Our adjustable glass railings usually do not require a building permit and have low installation costs.

INTECH-ICS AG will be happy to advise you on your unique project. Please contact us.



Max. 2200 mm* *Please note that the maximum width may be affected due to prevailing conditions regarding wind load in the environment and installation height. Refers to both fixed railings and standard lifting and lowering parts. For SPLIT design, see below.


Standard heights:

  • 800/1300 mm (lowered position/raised position)
  • 900/1500 mm
  • 1000/1700 mm
  • 1100/1900 mm
  • 1200/2100 mm (max. width 2000 mm)